Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Bob Hairstyles 2013

During the past few years bob hairstyles have came back in fashion with full force. If in the past bob hairstyles were associated with short to medium hair, nowadays this is no longer the case. Those who don't want to sacrifice the length of their tresses but still like bob hairstyles can opt for fashionable long bob hairstyles that will meet all their desires.

To create a scrunched wavy bob hairstyle you will have to use the blow dryer diffuser to create volume at the crown of the head but making sure that the ends of the hair are a little damp. Use your fingers to create an uneven texture and apply a good amount of styling mousse to maintain the scrunchy texture and use a comb for the finishing touches after the hair is fully dried, adding a shine serum for an extra touch of glam.

You also have the option of straightening the ends of the hair for a cute feminine look. While pulling off a curly long bob hairstyle might prove to be challenging, you don't have to entirely give up the idea of curling your luscious locks.

A few loose curls placed strategically can instantly create hair volume and are a wonderful option for a refined, festive look. A large barrel curling iron can be ideal when trying to perk up your look. By using a good quality hair spray and a shine serum you can instantly create an elegant worth admiring hairstyle that will surely help you glow even at the most pretentious events.